Blogging Holiday

Despite being new to running a blog and finding myself frustrated at the lack of time I can spend indulging in my new love, I am also amazed at how quickly you can learn with a bit of research and help from fellow bloggers.

I’ve read from several sources that bloggers using a free service such as inevitably end up switching to a hosted service which allows you to buy and/or register your own domain name and opens up a raft of features and future proofs your blog.

So far I’ve bought a domain for just over £50 and have registered it with Blue Host. I went with this provider having read  a lot of Tom’s posts on and a few other sites, this seemed like a good place to start.

I’ve also downloaded and successfully exported and then imported my blog content from my current blog to this new platform.  It has taken quite a bit of time and has only been possible with the help of Google and the huge amount of guides and videos available from fellow bloggers and people far more technical than me and honestly, I’m not entirely sure what I have and have not ‘plugged in’ but I know I need to keep going!

I had hoped I could keep posting whilst working on the new site but there just aren’t enough hours in the day so I’ve decided, whilst my readership is low, to go offline for a short while.  This will allow me to get the site up and running, hopefully with new branding too.

Until then, I’ll still be active on social media so do keep an eye on me via those means and of course I’ll let you know once the new site is live.

Thanks for reading



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