How to Create a Wildflower Bouquet – Part 1

Wildflower Bouquet

My brother Chris and his lovely fiancee, Natalie, get married in roughly 14 weeks and although my job is to make the cake I will also be helping my Mum create the brides bouquet. We get off easily really as Natalie wants a wild meadow style bouquet, nothing too orderly or obviously arranged (phew!).

Being the planner that I am (sorry folks I just can’t help it) I am already thinking about which flowers will work well, when we’ll need to have them ready and do we make at home and travel to the venue or make on site…I’m going to have a trial run for the cake and I thought this would be a good idea for the flowers too. Here are some of the blooms I think would work well…

Flower Collage.jpg

Whilst they are all beautiful and a wild meadow bouquet should look like it’s been gathered together randomly whilst walking in the sunshine, I am sure that there needs to be some harmony between colour, shape and size.  So far my research has led me to three handy tips which I thought I’d share.

Firstly, decide if you want to follow a colour scheme. You could have several shades of the same colour, against a crisp white flower, a mix of colours and shades or one strong accent colour in a big, voluptuous bloom.

Secondly, find out when the flowers you like are in season as some will have a long flowering life of several weeks and others will only be at their best for a matter of days. You may be able to grow your own and prolong their life by providing shelter in a greenhouse or polytunnel and many florists will be able to source your favourites from specialist growers in the UK or Europe. You may need to make compromises here but before you despair, try and find flowers that are similar to those you had your heart set on or investigate the architectural elegance a dried flower or seed pod can bring, poppy heads are the perfect example of this.

Thirdly, now you know the flowers and foliage you want to use, figure out where you can get them from.  A good local florist will order in for you but are likely to charge for doing so, online retailers may be good for sturdy blooms but anything delicate and quick to fade will do less well transported.  If you’re near a flower market, lucky you! But, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to use homegrown or locally foraged flowers and of course I’ll have a florist order on back up just in case.

So that’s colour scheme, favourite flowers and ordering covered. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing How to…create a wildflower bouquet Part 2 where I hope to provide a step by step guide on putting the bouquet together and the finished product (for better or for worse!)*

Thanks for reading

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*pun intended

Images and Inspiration: lottielandgirl|sararaven|planyourperfectwedding|whimsicalwonderlandweddings|etsy|curiouscountrycreations|pinterest|rowhousenest|helenjanefloristry|oncewed|farmgirlstudies



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